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Understanding coming straight from the ICO List professionals

The best way to stay away from the chances of listing an ICO on an exchange. There are a couple of items you can do to avoid the chances of listing an ICO on an exchange. To begin with, coininfinity.io do an evaluation on the exchange and ensure it is reputable and reliable. Secondly, see to it that the exchange has the necessary liquidity to support trading of the tokens. Third, make sure the exchange has an excellent track record of protecting investors from fraud or scams.

How can I contact the CoinFund team? Remember to email the group at infocoinfund. Does CoinFund host my ICO? No, we are not a third-party service provider. We’re a platform in which you can list your own ICO. Are there any risks for being aware of while in the venture? Yes, there are consequences. The market for blockchain and also cryptocurrencies is quite unpredictable. It’s too early to tell whether the task can make the desired end results in the forecasted time.

In spite of the threat, we decided to go ahead and release the venture. The toughest thing that can be achieved is that we fail, while the top is the fact that we launch our platform effectively and obtain a big market of customers, real estate proprietors and investors. We continually prepare for the worst. Really should I begin my very own social media campaign? We understand that listing your token on our site is vital for gaining traction.

But, we believe it’s better to concentrate on producing value for your token rather than concentrating on acquiring traffic. With that in mind, we highly advise against spamming social media and building bots, that is against our Terms of Service. We do offer advertising and marketing and promotion for an economical price. You mustn’t do an ICO via ICO listing web sites like CoinMarketCap. These websites have very little credibility. They’re just aggregating data on what assignments are raising funds.

A lot on the ICO’s mentioned on these sites are scams or at least questionable. Will I be listed on this list, once I complete my investment? Yes, after the tail end of ICO campaign you are going to receive the “White List” status, and your logo and info could be listed on the real estate crowdfunding platform. Can help get much better pricing. May help get even more customers. Since folks are going to want to purchase tokens, it can help to get more prospects.

Can help increase the reputation of yours. If your ICO shows up on a professional exchange, you can have an excellent track record. Can enable you to stay away from press which is bad. If your ICO is listed on a professional exchange, you can avoid press that is bad. Could help to stay away from bad press. Could get a bonus. The exchanges typically pay out bonuses to brand new customers. Therefore if an exchange has a listing program, it’s much faster to get listed.

Could improve the brand of yours. You will get to brand yourself as a major player. You could actually want to generate your own exchange. It can also be a better way of finding all new clients. Will I operate a crowdfunding campaign for my ICO on CoinFund? You’re welcome to start a crowdfunding campaign with us. The only real distinction between our crowdfunding campaign service and our common ICO listing is our crowdfunding campaign service is pre registered and doesn’t need a qualification from our staff members.